Christeeya Sangeetha Rathnavali – “Malayalam Transliterated to English” Song Book


Malayalam songs transliterated – 750

Tamil songs transliterated – 100

Hindi Songs – 100

English Hyms & Choruses – 350

Printed on Bible paper for optimized thickness


Word From the Publisher

It is an undeniable fact that songs have always influenced human lives everywhere. ln joy and in sorrow, in health and in sickness, In victory and in failure, in separation and in death and all times, spiritual songs play a major role to find comfort, joy and peace in our lives.

The importance of songs is clearly seen in the Holy Scriptures. God?s servants of both Old Testament and New Testament era worshiped the Lord with life-filled songs.The songs, included in this book, are living testimonies of many saints of different times. Prompted by Holy Spirit, they scripted these songs from their own experiences.

No doubt almost all the songs in this book may be familiar to the elderly people living abroad. But the younger generation do not know to read and write Malayalam, since they are encircled by foreign languages. Keeping this in mind, this book is prepared in English Script.

For nearly two decades I have been living in Chennai city. I perceived the fact that my children were facing the practical difficulty in using Malayalam in their worship and their participation was limited. This problem is widespread. This very thought led me to this venture. The purpose behind this effort is that the young generation may be able to worship in Malayalam with their parents. Apart from Malayalam, Tamil and English songs have also been added in this book. The songs in this book have been carefully chosen from different books. I express my deep gratitude to Ebenezer printers, Trichur for having been a great help in speedy printing and release. May the Lord bless this establishment.

We praise God for he granted us this vision to hand over this treasure to our younger generation. I humbly dedicate this song book to Almighty God and pray that this will become a source of blessing to countless Malayalee youngsters all over the world.

ln His service

Pastor. C. I. George

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